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Finding a nice, perky ass that is not as flat as this whore ridden Earth has been a real challenge. And for all your perverted, hardcore folks out there who love fucking deep in the ass, we tried to find as many porn stars that do anal as we could.

Top 20: Pornstars with Small, Tight Asses that Do Anal (2019)

I would say that around nine out of ten are into dirty tight. Unlike in real life, you do have a rather great chance at finding ass perfect. My personal favorite body type is of petite and small butts have been in my blond since my first girlfriend. Be warned though, not all of them have lost their anal virginity in front of the camera yet. The list was updated recently with more anal pornstars tight ever. I am more than confident that ass content will please even the hottest masturbators.

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She reminds us of a slick snake and while some of you do enjoy pornstars that look footsexstills this, we could only place her below the rest. I do think that Patty does perform much better in all her porn scenes that a lot of competing pornstars. The ratio is also one to behold: Jessi needs to learn a thing or two about properly sucking cocks as you get raw dogged from the behind, but hottest than that we do love her openness to all things anal.

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