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Oksana Neveselaya hottest a web hit after a second clip of a woman that looked similar to sexting squirters was posted on YouTube by a student. A woman dubbed ' the world's teacher teacher ' has been revealed as a year-old pupil - who's not even that good at maths. Stunning Oksana Neveselaya, a teenagerwoke up famous one morning with the label after a video of a girl who looks like her went viral, attracting more than 30, views in just four days.

The person in the video, whose actual identity is still unknown, was teaching maths next to a whiteboard, and everyone thought it was Oksana, who lives in the Belarusian capital of Minsk. It meant that images of her were pasted alongside the video, together with all her personal information, wrongly identifying her as the attractive maths teacher in the video.

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Ever since, Oksana has had to deny the teacher clipthough it is easy to see why she had been hottest with her doppelganger. The schoolgirl was quoted as saying: Posts would get up to 17, likes.

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The photos that were used included one where she is posing in a bikini next to a whiteboard and a swimming pool. She said: But as the amount of comments grow at an exponential taliban nude xxx, it seems pointless for me to repeat it over and over again. Perhaps the most ironic part of these newest revelations is that Oksana is not even that good at mathematics.

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Oksana said that since her sixth grade she has faced challenges in her school work - and the reason is even more ironic.