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The emphasis fuck celine dion CP is to train skills that hot do not otherwise have the opportunity to develop. CP is not based on a competition model. Instead, it is a group of student-athletes training together in regional pods across Ontario with the common goal of improving.

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Regional training pods are led by high-level, certified coaches who follow age-specific curriculum developed by Ontario Basketball and Canada Basketball. Top athletes from each pod are selected to participate in centralized training weekends.

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Eligibility Boys: Athletes in Grades 5 to 11 born in to Eligibility Girls: Athletes in Grades 7 to 11 born in to In regional training pods across the province, approximately 15—20 athletes per region train together for a total of 30 hours. The boy sessions focus on age-specific training and curriculum implemented by high-level, certified coaches, under the guidance of Ontario Basketball and Canada Basketball.

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Dates Boys: Mid-September to January Dates Girls: