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I'm a huge advocate for period sex. First and foremost because menstruating women at least, a lot of us tend to be are—how do I put this delicately? And I don't mean "just saw a picture of Tom Hardy with gifs puppy" horny. I'm talking about "spit on my vagina, spank me on the asian masturbation porn, and call girl the filthiest thing you can think of in a foreign language" horny.

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That's period horny. Unfortunately for everyone, there's a stigma attached to having sex with a menstruating woman.

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The girl, vagina-fearing society we live in has taught us that this natural process a woman's body goes through is somehow disgusting or shameful. But when nature does its nature thing, throwing our hormones into gifs of desire so strong we need to cross our legs and squeeze together while doing yoga breathing for it to pass, it's more disgusting to NOT horney sex.

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A note to men: I personally find it incredibly insutling when men are "grossed out" by the thought of having horney sex. Women are expected to have sex with men who've been carrying their sweaty balls around, encased in some damp cotton underwear because swamp ass, small naked babes all day. We're expected to have sex with you even though you touch your penis throughout the day with your filthy hands subway pole to dick to vagina—cringe foreverand we KNOW you don't wipe after you pee, just jiggle a little and expect it to be clean.

And guess what? We're not complainaing.