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Hoopz nudenikki

There is no doubt she is all woman with that body, and hoopz winning the first season, she launched herself into household vocabulary well, younger households maybe.

After the show she got to work…. We may never know.

Nicole Alexander ‘Hoopz’ Famous Sex Tape

Of course, nudenikki gorgeous piece of ass had a leaked sex tape from her private past. She apparently tried to block the release of the sex video, but as you can see, the Internet does not work that way! Thank goodness for us. She became a quick highlight of the season. Hoopz Alexander won the first season, but the relationship must not have lasted very long considering they had homemade naked boobs more seasons with new women for Flav.

FULL VIDEO: Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander Sex Tape

These nudenikki, Hoopz is known for dating Shaq, and has been seen parading around with him plenty. In any case, get inside and enjoy watching her suck dick and get pounded like a champion! Your email address will not be published.