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But if you fight, you must aim to win! Kung fu stars of yesteryear carry this spirited homage to an old genre by two up-and-coming directors. Tonight I dine with Tam Lan-hing.

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It hit his brain and seks was killed instantly. A Cantonese opera troupe encounters the full ghosts of a full forged hongkong disaster. From phantoms and curses to spells and possessions, this New Wave representative is a furiously paced, Cheung Chau-set horror farce which throws every creepy facet of Chinese superstition at the audience.

The 100 best Hong Kong movies

Ha cements her sex symbol status in this landmark period erotica of progressive feminist and existentialist undertones. As a Taoist priestess-cum-literati, and hostess of nightly orgies, her pleasure-seeking heroine refuses to be tied down in matrimony or, indeed, to any one lover — male or seks.

The underdog hero of Hong Kong cinema went mega-budget for this Beautiful babes orgy extravaganza, a martial arts comedy so outrageously cartoonish it put its writer-director-producer-star temporarily on the world map.

Film buffs will be in heaven spotting the references, from Bruce Lee lore to The House of 72 Tenants A fresh-faced policeman Chan assigned to infiltrate the triads sinks into a downward spiral of hongkong in this early New Wave gem.