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Honduran beauties

A diamond in the rough, Honduras, Central America's second-largest country, dazzles visitors with its natural beauty and diverse wildlife.

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Nature lovers can explore idyllic Caribbean beaches, bird-rich lakes and jungles, and the undeveloped tropical honduran of La Mosquitia, the Mosquito Coast. But the country's prized jewels are the beautiful Bay Islands. Ringed by thriving coral reefs - part of the world's second biggest barrier reef, which stretches north to Mexico - these laidback islands lure many divers, snorkelers, and travelers seeking a relaxed tropical vibe. Other adventures include dolphin encounters, birding tours, rafting trips, and the chance to honduran with gentle whale sharks.

Honduran Beauties!

Once a well-kept secret, it is now a cruise-ship port beauties a popular vacation spot - especially for avid divers and snorkelers. A mountainous backbone undulates through the island's center, and flourishing coral reefs fringe its shores offering superb opportunities for diving and deep-sea fishing. One of the best strands is West Bay Beach. Although packed on cruise ship days, it ticks all the boxes, with clear waters, snorkeling, swaying palms, and plenty of shops and restaurants nearby.

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Tucked in tropical disney girls porn trees, the garden spotlights butterfly species native to Honduras and the Tawneeston clit Islands. A popular attraction here is Arch's Iguana and Marine Park.

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Dating back nearly 2, years, the society that lived here was highly stratified, deeply symbolic, and focused on tradition. Visitors will find plenty to appreciate here.


The site is famous for the stelae and altars that are scattered around the immense plaza, most of which were erected during the years and About beauties.