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A Benton man was indicted Hiden by a camera grand jury in Little Rock on charges that he installed a hidden camera camera a bathroom of his home and took nude photographs of a year-old girl.

Workman places hidden cameras inside teenage girl’s bedroom in Nichols Hills, police say

The grand jury charged Matthew McCoy with two counts of production of child pornography in connection with nude images of the girl that a detective found on flash drives at McCoy's house, according to a criminal complaint filed Jan.

The indictment says the photos of the girl were taken on or about Oct. But other people in the home, including McCoy's wife, were also surreptitiously photographed or videotaped by hidden cameras, according to an FBI agent's affidavit attached to the complaint.

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It says that a Benton police detective, Dustin Derrick, also found nude images on a confiscated flash drive of an elderly woman who turned out to be a customer of McCoy's father, who owns a company that installs home security cameras. The father, Hershel McCoy, told officers that his teen worked for him part time, according to the affidavit.

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It said that upon being shown a still image taken inside the elderly hiden home, the elder McCoy verified that it was the home of an elderly customer for whom his company had installed security cameras. He said the image could only have been accessed by logging into the camera system hot naked girel, according to FBI Agent Daniel J.

Turner, a member of the agency's Child Exploitation Task Force.

Pre-teen pleads for tougher law after hidden-camera nightmare

The federal charges cover only the clandestine images of the girl. It couldn't be determined Wednesday whether Matthew McCoy is facing other charges stemming from photographs or videos taken of other people in the teen or of the elderly woman. Turner's affidavit said that on Dec.