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Hardcore punk fashion

Ray Cappo of Youth of Today rocking Nikes that would probably sell for a lot of money today.

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Despite sharing similar communal behavior, punks and jocks have, historically, always shown hostility towards one another. Both possess a particular language, jargon and dress, typically on opposite ends of the spectrum. Related The Shrine: New Lords of Dogtown. Most defining are the faded smudges of black grease a football fashion baseball player might apply to keep the sun out of their eyes.

Scene Style: Photographing Hardcore Kids' Timeless Fashion Sense

For a band that wrote songs about hating sports, they hardcore appeared fashion. Like Minor Threat before them — and petite punk porn the drug-addled, booze-heavy scene of nearby Manhattan punk — the bands abided by a hardcore edge lifestyle, the kind punk would define the youth crew movement, a strict doctrine of no drugs and no booze partnered with a heavily vegetarian diet.

That was our type of rebellion. When I started hanging out with regular punks in the Lower East Side of New Punk I realized the drug scene in the punk scene was exponentially worse than my high school. We were into clean living ethics and that was reflected in the way we dressed.

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