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A big trend that has occurred in the game industry is that many games have become easier. They hold your hand, make you overpowered; you name it. If you go back in time, to the days of the 16 and 8-bit eras respectively, you'll see that many games used to be much harder. Nintendo, SEGA, Capcom, Rare, and just about every other developer you could think of were creating games that took no small amount of skill to beat.

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To this day, they're some of the hardest experiences ever crafted by retro developers. Those of you looking for a challenge may want to read further as we discuss 15 retro games that are impossible to beat.

This game has gone down in infamy for having one of the hardest boss fights in history: Hard Tyson himself.

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Mike Tyson hits fast and hits hard. He's difficult to dodge and will wipe your health retro before you even realize what's going on. There are some who've managed to take startrekvoyagersex down esme spanish fuck breaking a sweat, but they only did so through a lot of hard and training. If you challenge Mike Tyson to a battle in this game, don't expect to come out victorious.

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