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Hairy greek girls

But it is.

Is it true that greek women are HAIRY??

You see, I am hairier than most men. Think stares sexy nue hairy soft downy lady-hair but thick, black, coarse hair that grows all over my face and body, that I spend a fortune obsessively removing. I knew to expect pain. But nothing prepared me for the brow wax.

squirting picture

Hold on, I have to get a consult from the other girls. I was officially a specimen and from that day forth, my big, fat hairy Greek life began. Greek, in an attempt to escape Brow-gate humiliation, I tried home depilation.

Hairy asshole and pink snatch of my naughty Greek bitch

The oddest phenomenon in hair removal ever, it was a little container of cold gel made of sugar and water by an Australian mum with a Lebanese background, whose daughters had the same hair issues as me. No heating, you just spread it on, cover with a girls of paper and rip it off. Although the stuff has become a worldwide phenomenon see nads. Basted in thick green toffee, I sat on the cold bathroom floor and cried about my bad hair life. Speaking of, you know.