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And gross have to go. These are blindness movie naked words the Charleston shooter reportedly spoke during Wednesday night's massacre, according to Sylvia Johnson, a woman who told NBC News women spoke to a survivor gross the Charleston shooting.

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Johnson is a cousin of pastor and state Sen. Nine people were murdered in the house of worship in cold blood -- three white and six women.

The History Of Using White Female Sexuality To Justify Racist Violence

We have yet to hear from the survivors of the attack directly, so there are a lot of unknowns. We can't be sure of the exact words the shooter used while he was carrying out the massacre, or the exact meaning behind them.

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But if Johnson's account is accurate, there is a disturbing historical context for the sentiments expressed. A white man committed horrific acts of violence -- domestic terrorism, a hate crime -- against black men and women.

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He allegedly used the "protection" of white women and their sexuality as the reason behind it. It appears to be toxic white masculinity at its worst. White women.

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Racist violence in the name women white womanhood, yet again. The sentiment that black men rape white women more often than white men do is patently falsewhite it's one that carries historical significance.

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The United States has a storied history of white female sexuality being used as a justification for racist acts of violence.