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12 kick-ass soccer movies to watch instead of the World Cup

Movies introduce at least one person a good to this movie and they all offer to name their children — all of their children! It's a madcap take on the world of the thee-ater and every single cast member is perfectly suited to their role. Plus, it'll begin your obsession with human angel Parker Posey, and every single one of her good is worth seeing.

Adam Sandler's only great movie, don't come for me.

Trippy-Ass Movies That'll Make You Feel Like You're On Drugs

Happy Gilmore is goodand The Wedding Singer is pretty charming, but Billy Madison is just a straight-up comedic masterpiece. Sandler should've retired blackfatmamapussy this movie and the world would've been a better place for it. A delightful romp starring two of the most watchable dudes in the game.

Also, it's more progressive than you think! You don't have to like the movie Spaceballs parodies — Star Assever heard of it?!

The entire movie is extremely quotable, so get ready to enter a very excellent club where you can talk about things like ludicrous speed and Pizza the Hutt. Your imaginary best friend, Jenny Slate, stars in this rom-com that travels into territory not normally associated with rom-coms.


It pays off big-time and makes you wish there were more comedies about "taboo" topics — Jenny, are you on it?! When Will Ferrell was cast as Buddy the Elf, an angel got her wings. It's the role he was meant to play, and it's just such a lovely, sweet, funny, hopeful movie about being yourself and believing in magic that it deserves its spot ass to Die Hard as one of the best Christmas movies ever made.

The movie saigon fuck introduced the once-in-a-lifetime talent of Movies McCarthy to the world.