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I was just wondering if anyone can remember a Minicycle cover shot from or jizz korea had a photo of a girl riding an xr75 completely nude except for a pair of motocross boots. She was riding away with her back to the camera. As a 13 or 14 year old it sure made an impression on me.

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Does anyone know where you motocross see old minicycle covers cos it sure would bring back some memories. Dont remember that one and I'm sure I would have if id seen it at 9 years of age!

1973 Minicycle cover nude shot.

But Nude do remember a lift out poster of a guy in an open face helmet doing a one handed jump giving the thumbs up on an XR Girls about '74 that was a big deal to me. Stuck the poster on nackedgirlsex school folder. Donny O'Slow O'Hara.

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Is this the picture you're talking about? Shawbridge Husky. Women were healthier, prettier and more natural than they are today generally speaking anyhow: CUTE bum!