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This is an article about reality: We also want to turn you into sex gods or at least someone young adult actors is girls at sex. And that means caring why your partner might sometimes fake it. Biologically speaking, getting a man to orgasm is about as easy as eating a sandwich, and can be achieved with far less effort. Getting a woman to orgasm can be more difficult than walking, chewing gum, dribbling a basketball, and reciting faked sonnet at the same time.

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For women, achieving orgasm is about a confluence of things coming together -- literally and figuratively -- in a perfect storm, from the shape of your penis to the nagging little things that might be weighing on her mind after a long day at work.

If this is someone you are regularly seeing naked and you find out she is faking, now that is something to be concerned about. In fact, lesbians have a much higher batting average then us fellas: