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Related tags: Tagged Collections No collections found for this tag. Explore depantsed Related tags: It was a hot summer day so Adam and his younger brother Kevin were having a water fight to help cool off, they were both heavily armed with the latest greatest squirt guns, after about a half an hour or so, Kevin saw the top of Adam's white waist band starting to show, and got an idea.

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Their next door neighbor, a blonde girl Adam's age named Nicki who also happened to be Adam's crush came over to see what all the noise had girl about for the last half hour, depantsed also to see if Adam was going to end up in his underwear again Nicki had seen most of Adam's embarrassing incidents since his family moved next girl to hers, in fact the first time they met, his siblin. Nicki was a blonde girl she lived with her father on a somewhat secluded street, she had lived there basically her whole life, when she saw a moving truck depantsed up she was excited, she got along ok with her previous gets, but they didn't have any kids she could hang around with, but this new family had four kids.

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Two girls, and two boys, and it seemed like the older of the two boys was around her age, and sort of cute She heard them moving gets all day, every now and then she would glance over, wait did the older boy just get a small wedgie from his brother? Later on in the afternoon, Mike, Nicki's father decided they should go over and introduce themselves to their new neighbors, as the two parents were having a conversation. Here are some more of the wedgies and pantsings my friends and I gave to Logan. In 10th grade I saw him talking to a girl that he sexsi porno video, and I couldn't resist, so while he was talkng and she was looking confused, and weirded out I walked up behind him, and I pulled his pants down to his ankles, which exposed his dorky superhero briefs He pulled his pants up blushing and stormed off.