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And then came Wonder Womena film so bad that the egregious product placement actually nude across as a relief to the film itself. No, that last one is not a joke.

Movie Review – Girls VS Gangsters

Well, enter into Girls VS Gangstersa sequel no, really! Originally meant for release in and delayed several times until it finally arrived dumped? Will this film be a return to form for Barbara Wong?

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Gangsters this film actually be empowering for women? Will this film be realistic in portraying female relationships?

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Things quickly get worse on their first night in Vietnam, where Xiaomei has arranged for them to go to the extravagant house pretty pussy nudist of a wealthy mobster Tran Bao Son. After a wild night at the mansion that sees Kimmy eat a dead scorpion girl end up in the bedroom of her host with no prurience, because ChinaXiwen, Kimmy and Jialan wake up the next morning to find themselves naked on a deserted beach, with Jingjing nowhere to be found. And it gets worse and worse and worse.

Girls VS Gangsters is one of the worst films that his reviewer has ever seen. No joke.

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Yeah, there are none whatsoever. Remember what director Barbara Wong said about female relationships having to be real?

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What filmmaking?