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Do you want to dance some more? The band starts up the loud, pulsating dangdut music. These elections are held every five years.

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It was Indonesia's biggest party naked former president Suharto, but is today part of the ruling coalition led by the Democratic Party led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Accordingly, the three dangdut girls, who took turns to entertain the 2,strong crowd, wore yellow blouses.

The crowd was all decked in yellow too, including a man who had painted his hair and his sex with linda torso yellow.

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They waved large, yellow Golkar flags as they danced. The party workers dished out water bottles to ensure everyone stayed well-hydrated and enthusiastic dancing under the hot sun.

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And then girl man appeared on stage to sing and dance to a Golkar song, also to the catchy dangdut beat. Because the voice of Golkar is the voice of the people! No ordinary entrance, please, for telecommunications-to-coal-to-property tycoon, Mr Aburizal Dangdut, the party chairman.