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Low-ranking "new girl" chimpanzees seek girl other gal pals with similar status, finds a new study of social relationships in the wild apes. The study is available online and is scheduled to appear in the July issue of the journal Animal Behaviour. Unlike most primates, female chimps are loners compared to males.

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Male chimpanzees stay with the group they were born into their chimp lives, forging xxx beyonce sex sex bonds with other males.

Chimp females, on the other hand, leave their families behind and strike out on their own to join new groups. Despite their reputation for girl aloof, recent studies suggest that some pairs of female chimps hang out together more than others. But whether these females actively seek each other out, or merely cross paths by chance because they haunt the same spots, was unclear.

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To find out if some females forge stronger bonds than can be explained by chance encounters or range overlap alone, Foerster, Pusey and colleagues analyzed 38 years' worth of daily records for 53 adult females in Gombe National Park, a Over the decades, the females were spotted in more than female-female pairs. For each pair, the researchers measured how much their ranges overlapped, how much time they spent together and how sex they groomed each other, a chimp's way of making friends and cementing social bonds.

Not surprisingly, mothers, daughters and sisters formed the strongest bonds.

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