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Other basic recipes How to make pesto — homemade basil ninja sex gallery recipe Pesto alla Genovese. Basil pesto or Pesto alla Genovese in an Italian sauce originated in Geneva.

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According to tradition, pesto is prepared using a mortar and pestle. Homemade pesto tastes so much better than the store-bought one. I always liked it very much, but trying to write down all the gifs for you, I homemade to browse the Internet and search in italian cookbooks, how it really should be made.

When it comes to cheeseI like the version with parmesan cheese better than with the pecorino and parmesan cheese. It tastes equally good with almonds as with the pine nuts.

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Preparation method: Amazingly, making a pesto in a mortar and pestle is not as difficult or labor-intensive as I thought. Pesto made in a mortar really tastes better, all the ingredients are better combined and virgins flavorful. It also has to do with the fact that the olive oil mixed at high speed in a food processor can become bitter.

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This time I made 2 portions of pesto, with the same ingredients, one portion in a blender and one in a mortar and peste.