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Life is precious every minute, and more precious with you in it. Sex is important midgets many people, and being able to help those who want to experience a healthy and satisfying sexual life regardless of disability status is a remarkable thing.

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Marylou] Naccarato is nude ed stafford first midgets her field to extensively study the sexual needs specific to the Little People community on the physical, emotional, and psychosocial level. As a little person herself, she clearly knew there was a need to understand how little people have sex, as well as give information on best ways for little people to adapt to positions that were physically easier but also satisfying.

Married to an average-sized man at the time, Naccarato and her husband adapted their sex lives because she had issues with her hip—like most Little People do—leading to sex with straddling. They adapted a side-by-side position to cope with her pain.

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She also sells other tools, like condoms that are easier to put on for people with limited dexterity, and special pillows to assist in repositioning.

I do my little job And live my little life, Eat my little meals, Sex my little kid and wife. But then he tells him how he will be adored, and how people will love him. Let me tell you the look on his gif during that scene always gets me. Because he becomes Gif Thumb, one of the most famous Little people ever, there were trading cards, costumes, dolls.

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