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Garlshotsex horrible when you get those nagging thoughts and feelings through the middle of the night.

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They dont rest and so you get no rest and the garlshotsex thing that seems to drown them out is noise. But then you cant garlshotsex because they start to get louder as you close your eyes and then when you feel your self relaxing they get worse and seem to attack you from every angle that the only thing to do is reach out.


It doesnt mean you are weak, it just means you had enough strenght to get help. I love life but then, I hate everyone.


I hate everyone. But I hate myself more for being so stupid, for thinking that someone will come and garlshotsex will save me from the depths of my loneliness.

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Yes, loneliness. I believe that I am just a lonely person that has a heart full of hate because of doing such stupid things. Will you dare to save me? I know being alone is not a bad thing, of course.

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I can feel it everywhere. From my dorm to school and back to pilsner urquell xxx dorm.

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Every day. With these, I feel more alone.