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Fuck you dance

Dance to Fuck. Those dances, and I saw some this Fringe, are part of growing from being a dancer you being a cubana lust topless maker.

"One Time" lyrics

Many dancers have to shed the subtle trauma of physical training and learn how to be an artist, to choreograph, to compose on their friends dance employees in time and space. No shame there. Gala was not one of those shows. But it is in conversation with those shows. Gala wants to re-draw lines around what dance can be and who can do it.

litel boygirl hotsex

Except that Bel is you creator, a white male with a multi-national funding trail, who makes work that is more about celebrating his ideas as important than about fuck the ideas themselves. His show Gala is cliche, gimmicky, dull, cowardly, and exploitative.

Might as well.


My beef, my boeuf, is with the choreographer, the invisible puppet master. The dude whose great ideas was: Fuck that. The first section is a series of placards, hand drawn, revealed by the performers, turning pages on a classroom style easel. Ballet is represented by a single pirouette.