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Fuck on bike

Published on April 4th, by Guest Writer.

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I bike vouch for the fact he works in the industry because I know him. Times are tough in Motorcycle Land at the moment. Doubtlessly, these same tough times have prompted this bloke, whom I shall call Friedrich von und zu Hohenbolleren, to write this piece.

It is always interesting to read the point-of-view of someone who works in the industry selling bikes…. Six years I have worked in this industry; an industry that was for a long time, the rubbing pussy sex job for me.

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Our neighbours thought we were drug dealers coming home on fuck bikes every night. Selling bikes was easy, people knew what bikes we had, test rode what they liked, picked out some gear and got some finance on it. It was great, we loved our jobs, we loved the people, the targets were obtainable and we made OK money.

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Then somewhere along the way the sheets feel off.