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Erotic fiction inspired by Genevieve Gandi. You stroll through the meadow in the heat of metart day, naked as nature intended.

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Naked, because you want to feel the gentle stir of the breeze against your bare skin, ruffling your hair and teasing your nipples. All your senses seem intensified. Girls sounds of birdsong and insects buzzing among the wildflowers, the smell of your own metart skin, the porno playboy model colors of earth and sky, all threaten to overwhelm you.

Spreading a blanket, you sink to the ground, the tangled blades of grass and flowers surrounding you. Inhaling their perfume, you feel your body cradled fuck the earth, tuning in to the rhythm fuck your own beating heart.

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You've never felt so alive. You feel your pulse surging through your core, heat spreading throughout your body, making your fingertips tingle. A light breeze kisses your skin, starting at your toes and sweeping up your leg, up between your thighs, caressing your pussy girls a soft breath from a lover.

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