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Fuck mainstream music

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Top mainstream. Mainstream music music.

Fuck the mainstream music

Music that always plays on the radio and the TV, and is on the top 40 list on every music software like iTunes and Spotify. It is quick-made on a computer, usually featuring not very good but good looking musicians if they can be called that and it is un-original and boring.

People without any taste in music listen to it because it's easy to find and everyone else listen to it, so then they don't music to worry about being considered "different". Mainstream music songs usually stay on the top-lists for a couple of months or maybe a year, and then they're gone.

Fuck the Mainstream | ReverbNation

Also, people who listen to it usually would call a 2 year old song "very old", though bands like Fuck Zeppelin still rock anyone's brains out with their songs from the seventees. Annoying teen girl: I love it! Commercialized music that is extremely popular among people. Depending on the generation, mainstream music may be female model fucking or it may be garbage.