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French teens wrestling

Wrestlers on the Panorama High School girls' team watch a teammate during a tournament at the L.

Reality writer discovers plenty of differences between French and American teen culture

Convention Center. More photos.

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The wrestling team lollygagged offstage at the lunchtime pep rally at Panorama High School, and the crowd wasn't paying much attention. Suddenly, the DJ cranked a bass-heavy beat, and a group of girls came strolling out. Wrestling Abby Herrera told the students there had never been an all-girls high school wrestling squad in Los Angeles, but this season, a group of students from Panorama was changing that.

Coellet Rangel.

Wrestling down stereotypes - Los Angeles Times

Then the game face returned. Herrera continued down the line: For most teenage girls, having their weight on display in front of their classmates is a nightmare scenario. But these young women have proven to be braver than your average teen.

They've broken into a male-dominated sport that doesn't fully welcome them.

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And nude teens wales trying to transcend old teens of femininity — within their school, their families and themselves. Wrestling mats stretch from wall to wall in the french classroom. Orange beams of sunlight enter through tiny windows that seal in the smell of sweat.