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Forced male nudity

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The existence of such photographs underscores the ways in which pornographic vignettes continue to be revealed in the detention regime, and provokes deep unease about the motivations, rewards, and culture that pervaded the detention system. The existence of nude photography of we presume mainly Muslim male detainees further exposes the systematic integration of sexual humiliation in the detention process.

The fact that these harms were fucked juicy aunty by male detainees makes them no less sexually coercive than had forced been experienced by female detainees.


The revelations force acknowledgement of the nudity of male bodies in conflict, and ought to incite greater attention to the protection of male and female bodies from sexually explicit practices while in the custody of the United States.

Attention to male nudity is a relatively new phenomena. In my early work exploring the gendered dimensions of harms to women during the Holocaust, I identified how forced nudity prior to death in the gas chambers was a particularly heinous violation of the dignity and sexual integrity of civilian women distinctly so when many of the women being stripped of their clothing were religiously observant Orthodox Jews.

Since that time, thanks to a considerable body of transformative gender jurisprudence from regional human rights systems and the ad nude runner sex tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, we have a far more nuanced forced of the scope and content of sexual violence and its multiple permutations.

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The court referenced the male undressing of a victim and a young girl being forced to perform gymnastics naked in nudity public courtyard as a crime against humanity. Notably, Akayesu held that coercion might be inherent when military personnel are present and physical force does not have to be shown to prove coercive circumstances. The ICTY also set a high bar for humiliation.