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Flexible sex position

Intimate, comfy, and insanely position.

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But if you're not an acrobat or gymnast, there's no reason to try twisting yourself like a pretzel to experience intense pleasure. But think about the upsides: Hello, G-spot orgasms.


It also gives your partner better access to your clitoris, actress precious naked he can stimulate with the base of his penis or hand, says Britton.

Spoon-style sex is another easy-on-the-joints position.

The 7 Best Flexible Sex Positions For Strong & Limber Lovers

And since your legs are closed, it provides a snug fit and tighter grip on his penis. Make spooning even hotter by having your partner grip your breasts or hold your middle while thrusting.

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Being held tightly allows your partner to go in deeper and stroke your G-spot and clitoris. In its place comes the modified lotus.


Once in position, you can hold on to the back of the chair, while flexible both of you rock back sex forth.