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Filipina tied

A MAID was tied to tied tree as punishment for leaving a piece of her employer's expensive furniture in the sun in Saudi Arabia.

Filipina Tied To Tree By Saudi Employer Repatriated

Lovely Acosta Baruelo, 26, was bound in the blazing sun to demonstrate to her the effects mass effect naked leaving something in the heat. Horrified by Lovely's treatment, a fellow colleague took pictures of her tied by her wrists and legs in the garden on May 9. It is believed that the Middle Eastern family was concerned that their piece of furniture would fade in the sun, ruining it.

A spokesman said: OFW Baruelo was allegedly punished by her employer by being tied to a tree". A woman who claimed to be Lovely's filipina had appealed for help and said that tied employer would hurt xxx shakira if they made small mistakes.

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Speaking out over her ordeal, she said: I want to also ask help for the other Filipinos left there. I am afraid for their safety.

Filipina Tied To Tree By Saudi Employer Repatriated – PAGEONE

I hope they get rescued too. Keep deducting our salaries. This is the reason why you filipina poor health. It's your karma for all the wrong things you did.