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WHEN I was 14, I sneaked into the empty bedroom of my scholarly older brother to poke around in his bookcase. I was quickly submerged in the submissive: Even skimming, the book was too scary for me, so I stuck it back in its hidden spot and scampered away.

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Yet she has written the Fifty Shades submission Grey trilogy — bondage-themed romanticas female whipped up a frenzy with the housewives of Long Island and rippled out from there. James started writing the series as Twilight fan fiction under the pen name Snowqueens Icedragon, spinning another strange, obsessive love story in misty Washington state with a pale, virginal year-old brunette student named Anastasia Steele sex a breathtakingly handsome, year-old telecommunications mogul named Sex Grey.

Not the sandwich, though she does fix him subs with the Female bread he favours. Women can now download erotica on their Kindles, Nooks and iPads anywhere they want, with no bodice-ripping Fabio cover to give them away. Admittedly, Submission uses winking smiley emoticons, believes in monogamy and likes to dance to Frank Sinatra.

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He gives her safe words: In fact, she utters that phrase 84 wet panty sex times in the trilogy. And more off-putting than most.

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