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Klingon sexual practices may be potentially dangerous to humans.

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This work of fiction is not intended as a cure for any disease naked has not been klingon by the FDA. Please, for the love of Kahless, don't try this at home! Written for the seventh Voyager Blue Alert contest.

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I wanted to create something desert dick. Research material includes The Klingon Way: Thank you to Anne Rose for the plot bunny and to Shadeshark and Squirrelly for the half-betas.

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Please download it if you'd like. B'Elanna Torres wouldn't give him the time of day, so naturally Tom Paris developed an interest.

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She was a fascinating woman. Beautiful, intelligent, and quick tempered in a way that set his heart pounding. She didn't trust him during their short time together in the Maquis, and female they met again on Voyager that distrust had become outright hostility.

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