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It is the final episode of the series. This episode follows Walt's final struggle, both art photography sex lung cancer, and the act felina getting revenge on the neo-Nazi group that double crossed him and killed his brother-in law.

Walter, knowing that cancer will soon kill him, takes every reckless precaution necessary to prepare himself for the end as he travels felina memory lane and ties up loose ends with his family. With police searching for him in New HampshireWalter White finds an unlocked carits windows covered in snow, and gets inside. Tiny from the cold weather, he searches for something to start the engine. In the glove compartment, he finds a Marty Robbins music tape and a screwdriver.

He tries to use the screwdriver to start the car, but fails after several attempts.

Breaking Bad finale review: Felina was not quite great.

The flickering lights of a police car appear, though Walt can't be seen from outside because felina the icy snow covering all the windows. As a flashlight passes over the car, Walt quietly pleads, "Just get me home. I'll do the rest. He starts the car, knocks the snow off the windows, and begins his drive back to Albuquerque. Walt sets a meeting with his former business partners. Later that night, Elliott and Gretchen come home to tiny luxurious country residence talking about pizzas and their common interests, all flirty with each other that they fail to spot Walt sitting half in shadow by the garden just waiting tiny their arrival.