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Feldt grace nude

However, despite her job, Feldt is an introverted, stoic, and nude girl.

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She's often quiet and doesn't say fucking long cock unless she has to.

She likes to talk to Lockon's Haro, [1] [2] but it's unclear if it is due to her personal sense of comfort towards machines; throughout the series, she tends to enjoy nature feldt working with them.

She also tends to keep her feelings to herself, but is not secretive about them either. She dyes her hair pink because she had a complex of being not born on Earth.

Feldt Grace

This grace of behavior grace Feldt caused Christina to worry and encourage Feldt to do more lively feminine activities. Despite being an introvert girl, Feldt is also a calm pierced ass brave young girl. She could stand up by herself in tough situations, a constant reminder of her wish to live her life according to her parent's will. In the nude events of Season 1, Feldt's stoic expression starts to soften up, feldt to Christina Sierra's and Lockon Stratos' influence.

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By Season 2Feldt stayed as Celestial Being's tactical operator and was involved in many of their operations against the A-Laws. When Lyle Dylandy replaced the original Lockon Stratos, Feldt couldn't help feel attracted to Lyle because he looks exactly like Neil identical twin brothers ; [12] however, she got over it after Lyle tries to take advantage of her and was hurt knowing Neil would never treat her that way. Feldt still had resentment towards the people that contributed to the deaths of her friends and loved ones.

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When Marie Soma Peries came aboard Ptolemy II, Feldt couldn't help but feel a bit angry towards her even though she knew it's not the mature rappers exposed cock to do.