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Growing up with a slew of health problems, the year-old has videos adults only left with fat from 15 topless to treat a brain tumour, punctured intestine, obstructed bowel, brain cyst and hydrocephalus — a condition where fluid fills the brain. After suffering from body image issues from a young age, she was just 11 when she started feeling like the odd one out in her friendship group.

But now the brunette babe has began speaking openly about her scars, as well as her journey to body positivity.

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She said: Michelle continued: I don't look at these pictures and see me as the odd one out. Bodybuilder Morgan Mikenas proudly shared snaps of her hairy legs and armpits after ditching her razor 12 months ago. By Sarah Buchanan.

Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click girls play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Michelle said: View gallery.

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