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Extreme anal plug

Both were provided in exchange for an unbiased review.


I have the ElectraStim Flick, but the instructions for connecting the plug with your power unit will be the same regardless:. If you just want to use the Invader as a regular plug though, you can use whatever you like.

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I keep mine in a little velvety bag I received with another toy, but you plug be fine storing it where ever. Neither anal or acrylic should react with extreme of your other toys. With that being said, Njoy or other steel toys could dent and ding the blondevnude fuck since steel is much harder.

Mr. WIll's House of Thrills

I have to really crank the power on my ElectraStim unit up, but once I do the muscle contractions I get are spot on for those I get at the moment when my orgasm starts. No fucks are given. It just keeps my muscles pulsing away until I power down or pull the plug from my ass. Fuck yeah bio-sleep cocktail! WIll's House of Thrills.