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Exgirl revenge

Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge.

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Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge. Following the wedding that didn't happen, Rebecca goes missing without Paula even knowing where she is.

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When Rebecca finally emerges two weeks later, she does so with a new look and a private porn wars outlook on life, especially concerning her vow at the wedding about Josh. The girl squad - Paula, Valencia and Heather - are there for her, but the three have to decide how far to let Rebecca run with what are half baked ideas coming from a clearly not thinking Rebecca.

During Rebecca's return, Nathaniel's action are exgirl to seem casual but end up being more obvious than he wants. Meanwhile, Scott is willing to jump through all the hoops that Paula has placed for him for them to repair their marriage to the point that she will allow him back into their bed.

Paula is surprised not so much by the final outcome but by something that happens in the aftermath of that outcome.

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And Darryl and White Josh's relationship exgirl a crossroads as Darryl forces the issue of having a child together. This crossroads Written revenge Huggo. Visit Prime Revenge to explore more titles.