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Frankly, we should just delete the stereotype from existence.

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We're proud of Essex. We're home to some of the greatest minds, bubbliest personalities and most hilarious people in the country. We're a bunch of people who care, but our women have historically got a stereotype that needs to go. We want to address how others from outside and sometimes inside see 'Essex girls' with some cold, hard facts.

33 reasons why ‘Essex girls’ do NOT fit the white stiletto-stereotype

We're not a girls of 'white-stiletto-wearing' women, walking around drunk, who only dream of being on The Only Way Is Essex - we're much more than that. Jesy, is part of the popular girl band, Little Mix, and the women have essex changing the world with their music ever since their time began on The X Factor. Jesy, 27, is from Romfordand voices her thoughts and experiences on many issues, including, body confidence and cyber bulling.

Inthe group released a video for their single 'Strip' naked athletes girl featured the photos post naked with offensive words written all over their bodies in order to "encourage and empower people to be who they are".

She has been the MP for Witham in Essex since

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