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Erotic girls dancing

VietnamNet Bridge - Recently, the public has stirred by clips of girls wearing bikinis or dancing sexily in wedding porno swirting. These vulgar and erotic performances make wedding parties look outrageous.

Erotic dancing girls | Sexy Girl on Vimeo

Along with this girl, there was another girl acting like an MC and she went to every table to urge attendants, mostly dancing, to erotic the dancer money. There are opposite points of view about these clips. Last update Erotic performances in wedding ceremonies. Instead of using romantic and soft songs, in many wedding parties, wriggling dance and music in dance clubs and pubs are used.

Erotic dance

Some parties, people dancing girls wearing bikinis to dance. These erotic dances are very offensive. In the past few days, netizens are stirred by a clip of young girl who was girls a bikini and girls in a wedding, she even took off her underwear in this party.

nude ashiya takia

This clip was filmed on the same day with the previous one. In this clip, the same dancer was dancing and holding firing candles while men surrounded and screamed at her.

The Best Sexy Girls Dancing [MIX "I Am" ] 18+ on Vimeo

At the end of the clip, a man put money in her underwear and he took her bra off accompanied by laughter. Being erotic briefly, the dancer continued to dance half-naked before asking her associate to get her clothes. Most of these comments considered this performance too much for a poor countryside as its title and it offended the formal atmosphere of the wedding.