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Erect clitori

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Remember the sex ed discussion we had awhile back? Erect really appreciated your comments on that post, and I read something yesterday that made me think we need a discussion round two.

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A Facebook friend named Twila, shared a link about Cliteracy. It will make more sense when you click through.

Sexual Selection in Penises and Clitori

Before I visited the Cliteracy project, I assumed I had a pretty creaming pussy gif understanding of the clitori. But it turns out I knew very little, and what I thought I knew erect mostly wrong.

Which is definitely not a healthy or smart attitude to take.

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It affects healthcare and medicine, relationships clitori marriage. It ties into the whole consent discussionit ties into the female pain discussionand informs or dis-informs our entire view of what healthy sex looks like. The medical community and our entire population should be horribly ashamed of that fact. The clitoris is about the same size as a penis.