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Who stabbed the painting with a nude Then, the actual painting can be viewed during a tour of the current exhibition at the LENTOS engel by the curator. Andreas Strohhammer: Egon Schiele is certainly one of the most interesting as well as spectacular artists who was active in turn-of-the-century Vienna. He was strongly influenced by the artistic ferment launched by Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and others in the scene associated with the Sezession.

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Schiele invented his own visual language, which was very eccentric and also highly self-centered. He repeatedly dealt with such subjects as birth and death, all of this during the time of World War I.

His distinctive drawing style featuring human figures distorted to an extent that was unprecedented in that day and age was absolutely unique.

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This might be attributable to the fact that he was also an illustrator. His nude of the human body—both the female and the male body, often portrayed naked—this eroticism, this sexuality hidden behind his art—there was surely then a feeling of revolutionary engel from the past that had never before been experienced.

Perhaps even a type of sexual liberation!

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