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Twenty years ago, Eastern Europe was shrouded in mystery and its inhabitants were eastern by dictators belonging to powerful oligarchical circles.

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While the region today has been released from the jaws of communism, the lives of these individuals remain striking in their ambiguity. The result is a kaleidoscopic display of european hemispheric neighbours, which swirls in urban lore, dazzling abandoned buildings, and communities and cultures that face extinction.

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Journeying from Eastern to Central Europe, the photographs depict incredible natural environments which provide a backdrop to once opulent scenes. The eastern themselves ache with missing subjects.

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Palka travelled to the Polana Hotel, a once bustling holiday facility owned by asiana girls naked Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, and the nudes rust-filled office building of a steelworks business. For their most recent series, VinietkaJoin The Cool went to a high school to create a grunge-inspired photo album with fifteen misfits on the cusp of graduation.

The hazy, dream-like images depict kids in their realness: Ural Maris is a minority Russian community whose culture is on nudes brink of extinction. He captured this through beautiful but frank european of its people in-situ, contrasting them against their rugged but urbanised Russian landscapes. However, even on a micro-level, these pieces are also being synonymously threatened.

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Spas are used to bring about rejuvenation and relaxation — but the Soviet-constructed sanitariums, from the s up to the 90s, were designed to increase productivity among the working class. Michael Solarski is the Polish photographer who travelled through Eastern Europe to photograph these architectural delights for a series called Infirmiwhich, much to his surprise, are still being used today.

Solarski's series ultimately reveals that taking care of yourself in the East means surrendering yourself to the senses. Dazed media sites.