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The truth about Tickled: how a harmless fetish documentary turned into a legal nightmare

Please refresh the page and retry. I t all started with a video of a young man in a bright tracksuit strapped to tickled bed writhing and laughing uncontrollably as four other young men straddle him, tickling him on his feet, stomach and under his arms. N ervous but determined not to succumb to bullying, Farrier and his collaborator Dylan Reeve flew free trueteenbabes photos California to discover that tickling competitions - as the tagline for his documentary states - are no laughing matter.

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But all this attention has made Tickled one of the year's most controversial films. As a result of accusations made in naked film, Farrier and his producers gadismelayunaked find themselves facing a barrage of legal threats from powerful figures their film accuses of dudes behind the videos.

On the surface the competitions seem odd, but harmless.

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The men are clothed and no explicitly sexual act takes place. H owever, when some of the men got cold feet things took on a darker shade.

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But their requests to have them taken down went nowhere. Whenever his name was Googled the video popped up, a website was allegedly set up in his name giving out all his details including address and phone number, schools where he was coaching football allegedly were contacted and told that he was gay, a drug addict and a child molester - all untrue.

Why is tickling a source — often simultaneously — of so much pleasure and pain?