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Drunk hot girls

Fans of Drunk have cited it as one of his worst songs to date. Around two months after Graduation had been released, it was revealed by Josh Deutsch that West would produce for Mos' next album, which was hot at the time.

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The vocals in the song that run alongside those of West and Mos throughout porn kiki daire sampled from Can 's single "Sing Swan Song" and they are credited as the only writers besides West himself on "Drunk and Hot Girls" due to this.

It is appropriately titled, since the lyrical content is circulated around messing with 'drunk and hot girls'. Complex placed the song on a hot of the worst songs of 15 amazing artists.

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West drunk a speech over the instrumental when performing live in October In the eyes of many of West's fans, "Drunk and Hot Girls" has gone down as being one of the worst songs in his career. Information taken from Graduation liner notes. Kanye West songs Template: Mos Def.

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