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Drunk college ass

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Hannah montana porm your password? NPR joins the brew-ha-ha college alcoholic beverages spiked with ass or is it caffeinated beverages spiked with alcohol?

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In Washington state, nine college freshmen landed in the hospital recently with near-lethal blood alcohol levels after drinking a caffeinated malt beverage called Four Loko, according to law enforcement officials. Police reports describe chaos at the October incident, where officers found female freshmen unable to talk or sit up, lying on mattresses in a basement near Central Washington University, about two hours east of Seattle.

Police shuttled loads of intoxicated freshmen back to campus and took the worst cases to the hospital.

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One student almost died, according to the police reports. At first, investigators thought the students had been drugged, but it turns out they were drinking Four Loko. If you're a pound ass [and] you drink two ukrainian nude woman these Four Lokos…you can reach the level of toxicity for alcohol poisoning," McKenna says…. One can has about as much caffeine as a six-pack of Diet Coke.

One can also fills an empty wine bottle and in fact, contains about as much alcohol as a bottle of wine….

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Jarod Franklin, 23, says he has used these drinks to the point of blacking drunk. He and his friends liked them because of the buzz — the feeling of energized euphoria. NPR is right that Four Loko's alcohol content 12 percent makes it drunk as strong as wine and that But college students were getting drunk, passing out, going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, and injuring themselves through stupid stunts long before Four Loko and similar products were introduced, and I venture to say they will continue to do so even after college evil drink du jour is banned.