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Down ass chick

This blog continues the conversation about the implications of hip hop masculinity on heterosexual love relationships between black men and women see The Evolution of a Down Ass Chick.

Independent Woman: She supports herself on her own entirely and is proud to be able ass do so Urban Dictionary.

Down Ass Bitch

On the outside I held myself together with super glue. I was independent out of necessity and fear. I hanah teter nude to be self-reliant because I was afraid of the consequences. What would happen if I needed someone and they left?

Down Ass Bitch - Wikipedia

My mis-independence was informed by the singleness of many of the women in my life and the way chick came together to take care of me and each other, sometimes with harsh words warning me that blackgirls become strongblackwomen, and I better not depend too much on anybody but myself and, when applicable, them.

The confusion of these childhood lessons are equivalent to the confusion forwarded through mainstream media and hip hop. I have always questioned the so-called down to independent women. But their opinions, largely informed by patriarchy and hip hop, were consistent with what hegemony requires and what we were hearing on the radio at the time.