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Donnie playgirl men

naked gillian michaels

Maybe there's a fetish for flaccid members. We could call it "Flaccid Fellers". Not easy, that's for sure.

PLAYGIRL | Hot Naked Men Worldwide

Normally I am pretty liberal about these sorts of things, but on this issue I lean to the right. My girl bought me one for Christmas one year and I was all "hell yeah" until I saw one picture of a guy with a half windsock erection. Dude had a zit on his inner thigh. Why couldn't the magazine photoshop that it out is why I never got into Playgirl. Felt half assed. I personally liked going to a male stripper revue because it gave into the fantasy that men were well groomed men polite. Subby, your headline can only get so donnie.

They Couldn’t Get Past the ‘Mimbos’

Well played. Odd, because Playboy was so Photoshopped that it crossed into the uncanny valley, especially in later years. Back in my nude playgirl days, Blowjob thong was often required to maintain various stages of tumescence for long periods of time.

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