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The Disney Channel has a "machine" in place to crank out young stars. They accomplish this through TV shows, original movies, and a record division many of their stars both act and sing. The machine is very good at what it does, as quite a few popular performers have emerged from it over the years.

8 Nickelodeon Stars Who've Bared All

The thing about child stars, though, is that they eventually grow up. And when they grow up, they have to re-establish themselves as adult actors. They can't get by on mere kid cuteness anymore. That requires an image disny. The easiest way to achieve this is fran drecher xxx take the most anti-Disney role available, in the hope that it will get audiences to see them in disny new way.

Tisdale was so charming starsnude she won viewers' hearts even when playing a snooty character.

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Starsnude definitely has a sense of comic timing, but it was poorly utilized in this uninspired sequel. She hasn't headlined a movie since. Interestingly enough, Thorne reportedly had no dance experience before being cast. Three years later, the actress was no longer a Disney regular.