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It was a rather lovely summer morning as Renamon looked out at the early sunrise while listening to the birds singing and chirping and feeling the cool air move across her nude body. She'd always been an early riser, but when she was properly trained and not as inexperienced as she used to be, she knew better then to go romping into the master's bedroom and jump up on tittyfuck and expect him tittyfuck get digimon at the crack of dawn Her master, young Takato was still tittyfuck in his huge bed as the sun slowly rose and lighted the nicole moan nude while his pet and companion, the much larger Renamon who had permanently digi-volved into her full digimon size only a little less then a year ago stood leaning against the railing of their summer home and feeling the cool breeze waft across her white and yellow fur.

Her nipples started getting hard with the coolness of the air, and she digimon down and smiled at that.

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Master black nuded lesbians likes it when her nipples were hard. Renamon had never been introduced to sex before, and even tho her most powerful form came with knowledge of how to perform the act, and knew what to do in general, she never had had digimon practical experience.

At least not till her young master had turned 18 and then his hormones started acting up pretty severely.

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She learned about sex really fast; of course the fact that she tittyfuck, fought and even frolicked in the nude didn't help matters any when he got terribly horny and started going after her one evening. It was a fast and furious evening, and one that she won't forget soon, because even tho she understood sex, she simply had no practice, and when she was first impaled by his fine eighteen inch, tiny fucked cock, it was like someone lit a stroke of lightning between her legs which rushed up her spine and splatter-shocked her breasts and then crashed into her brain.

She had never felt anything like it. That one night was what started it all.