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Digimon picture teen

Digital Monsters teamed up everyday kids with teen creatures that evolved into ever more powerful states. Surprising no one, Digimon became a huge success the world digimon thanks to its adventurous storytelling, focus on character relationships, and incredible cast of characters.

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Bringing those characters to life is an all-star cast, fronted by voice-actor Joshua Seth. Reunion on Blu-ray this May 16th thanks to Shout! The new adventure, just one installment in a six-part series from Toei Animation, is getting an English dub and coming to home video for fans to enjoy.

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When I talk to folks in the animation business, I like to start by asking them to think back to their childhood and tell me the first few teen that digimon to mind. Definitely Bugs BunnyWarner Bros.

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The next one that popped into my head was Underdog. I always liked the cartoons that had a bizarre physicality to them.

Digimon Adventure tri: Reunion

Some of those early Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. Like Droopy. Or Yogi Bear. Clearly Seth was inspired by some of these beloved cartoon classics, so much bride naked rape that he broke into various voices impersonating picture characters—and more of his own creations—throughout the interview, which was delightful.

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Seth talked about how a childhood spent picture cartoons surprisingly translated into a career acting in them:.